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Soybean Bulk Seed Treater

Black's Valley Ag constructed a seed treatment facility in 2007 to treat soybean seed with fungicide and inoculant. The tumble drum rolls the beans while Cruiser Maxx Vibrance and inoculant is sprayed onto the beans. The beans are then loaded out with a paddle conveyor into your bulk bean tender.

The actual amount of time to apply the treatment is minimal, but the even coverage is second to none. Another great benefit of this type of treatment is the shelf-life of the products. After application, the rhizobia bacteria in the inoculant is good for 120 days after treatment. This means you can treat your beans and get them home weeks before you plan on planting. 

We have 3 - 3000 Bushel bins for bulk beans that we can load into our treatment facility. Treatment of your beans, as you bring them to us bulk, pro box, or tote can also be treated, inoculated, or both. Bulk deliveries on beans are available and if needed Seed tenders are available for our growers to use.

In addition to CruiserMaxx Vibrance and Innoculant, we offer a variety of other products such as Clariva, BioForge ST, and others to help provide the individual protection that our growers need.  With the continuing emergence of Soybean Cyst Nematodes in our area it is important to know that there are products such as Clariva that are available to help protect your seed from those pests.

Please give us a call today at 715-672-4255 to get signed up or to learn more about our seed treatments!

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