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"Two out of every five people on Earth today owe their lives to the higher crop outputs that fertilizer has made possible."       - Bill Gates

As crop yields continue to get higher each year, it is important to have a good perspective on the effects of those yields on our soils.  As those plants continue to produce more they also pull more and more nutrients from the soil creating a higher need for nutrients to be returned to the soil.  Without returning key nutrients to the soil, the ground will eventually lose any ability to produce in the future.  

One common way to apply nutrients to our soil is through the use of commercial fertilizer.  By regular soil sampling and calculating how much nutrients a crop uses though out the year, we can construct an effective fertilizer program that will help you maximize yields as well as protect the environment.

In recent years nitrogen loss from urea has been an important topic of discussion for growers as they try to maximize efficiency and decrease the amount of leached nitrate in our soils.  That's why we promote the use of nitrogen stabilizers - because by doing so we can get more of that nitrogen used by the plant and less of it in the ground.  This allows the farmer to spread less urea to get the same amount of nitrogen used by the plant, and it helps us be better stewards of the environment.

Black's Valley Ag provides a variety of quality liquid and dry fertilizers for our growers to choose from with a nice selection of delivery options to choose from including bulk and bagged options.

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Originally built in 1997, our dry fertilizer plant has been upgraded and currently offers custom blending of fertilizers to meet your needs with 2 bulk blenders with 2 loadout bays. We have the capacity to meet any size grower's need for product with the level of service that is expected by todays most advanced growers. With our continually growing fleet of Air-Flow, Spinner, and Sidedress application equipment combined with our many delivery trucks we can offer whatever service you may need.  

In addition to our main dry fertilizers, we also offer a wide range of micro nutrients and stabilizers to help our growers have the right mix for every acre and crop.


Our greatest asset, though, is our staff of trained and qualified employees.  

Their dedication and ongoing level of training and expertise is self-evident in their ability to meet or exceed your expectations.

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