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Crop Scouting

Identifying problems or weeds in your fields as early as possible is a key way to not only protect your yield potential, but also to protect your field from issues in the future.

With a team of experienced and expert agronomists we can scout your fields to help identify those problems before they become a disaster. 


Early identification and action is especially important in weed management in your crops.  If weeds are misdiagnosed or sprayed too late it is a recipe for a respray, crop injury, or the development of herbicide resistance in the future.  Insect management is also very important to identify early to manage correctly.  By identifying the insect and performing threshold counts for different insects, we can pinpoint the right time to spray so we maximize pesticide effectiveness, get the most return on your monetary investment, minimize crop damage, and decrease the risk for pesticide resistance.

Along with weed management, we can help you identify nutrient deficiencies, diseases, molds, rots, population problems, insect pressure, and other things.  Its by managing the small problems early that enables us to avoid them turning into the big problems as much as possible.

By working with Black's Valley Ag you can be confident that we will do everything in our power to help you keep your fields clean and healthy for years to come!


Image by Gregory Hayes
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