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Nutrient Management

"To most people, this is just dirt.  To a farmer, it is potential."

Nutrient Management Plans, or 590 Plans, are a common means of gathering, compiling, and presenting this information to the grower so that he can do what is best for the farm and the environment.  


As a company who’s motto is "People Helping People," we feel that we need to make the Nutrient Management Plan as usable for the grower as possible.  We try to retrofit our finished product to fit the grower’s request as well as from the suggestions that we have received from other growers from over the years.  Our plan writers are certified by both the NRCS as well as being Tech Reg Certified.  This means that we are certified to write plans for government contracts.  We also write plans for those needing DNR certification, or WPDES permits. 


Another avenue many growers are viewing is having a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan written.  This is a plan that is written after having the farm/building site viewed by a certified Engineer and Agronomist.  A CNMP is typically written prior to the farm looking for a cost-sharing practice being applied for.  Black’s has certified Agronomists on staff that can complete this plan for your farm and is connected with a local Engineer that has also completed their certification for this walkthrough. 


Please contact us, here at Black’s Valley Ag, as well as your local NRCS office to see if this is a fit for your future plans of your operation.  We will be glad to answer your questions, or steer you toward information sources that will help to answer your questions.  Again, our goal is to answer your questions as well as to be an information source to help guide you down the right path


Image by Jenny Hill
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