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With 9 different seed companies to choose from, a multitude of grower plots and side by side comparisons, and hours upon hours of seed company training it is easy to see why Blacks Valley Ag should be your number one choice for seed corn this year! 

Black's Valley Ag has the best genetic, trait, and seed treatment combinations that you need to maximize profits on EVERY acre. From placing genetics to match soil types and selecting hybrids with the right disease resistance packages for different management and tillage systems, we will strive to achieve every bushel per acre on your ground!

We know that no single variety or genetic is the answer for every grower and that no one seed company has all of the best hybrids.  That's why we have so many seed companies to offer our growers - because we care about your farm and your operation and we want you to be as successful as possible.  With such volatile commodity prices right now, it is even more important to plant the right hybrid on the right acre for the right purpose.  Its all about the return on investment at harvest time, and minimizing your cost per bushel.

Part of being a successful and responsible corn grower is having diversity on your farm.  By having different genetics and insect traits you can help minimize your yearly risk and fight off trait resistance in the future.

So whether you are looking for dry grain, high moisture corn, digestible grain, ear corn, silage, snaplage, or any other specific corn, be confident that you have options from the very best brands in the seed industry.  We take the time to do our homework on these varieties, because we want you to have the best opportunity for success. 

We would love to sit down with you and explain why our seed brands would be an excellent fit on your farm. With this much genetic selection and knowledge, you can be sure you will receive the best hybrid recommendations for the way you farm!


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