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Wildlife Products

Come down to Black's Valley Ag today to look at how we can help you choose the right feed and mineral source for all of your wildlife needs!  Whether it is birds, deer, squirrels, or other wildlife we have got you covered.  We offer a wide array of brands like Prince, Trophy Rock, Deer Creek Seed, Buck Forage Oats, White Rack Mineral and Plot Mixes, and more! 

We are happy to offer whole shelled corn, cracked corn, molasses, sunflowers, and 

so much more to help keep those critters well-fed.


Bird feeding has become the nations second largest backyard hobby. Becoming familiar with the type of bird seed mixes available in the marketplace today can only enhance your bird feeding experience. We stock a wide variety of Bird Seed, Feeders, and Accessories for your bird feeding pleasure. Stop in and let our friendly staff help you and we will even carry your bird feed out to your vehicle.



Wanting to put in a food plot?  We offer a wide range of small seeds like clovers, oats, rye, alfalfa, canola, rapeseed, grasses, corn, soybeans, and more that you can custom-blend into the perfect mix for your plot. 


We also offer a variety of food plot blends that you can choose from if you do not want to blend your own. Come on down to Black's Valley Ag to choose

the perfect products for your food plots.



A great supplement to food plots is to offer a mineral source for deer to use year-round.  By providing essential nutrients to the deer you can help increase herd health, rack sizes, fawn growth, as well as offer an attractant for them to come in to.

We offer a range of mineral sources such as Trophy Rock, White Rack Mineral, Trace Mineral Blocks, and Salt Licks to help boost your herd's heath.

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